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Tornago Systems is a fully licensed Developer and Reseller of the Net Perceptions NetP™ 7 Product Line.

Tornago Systems is an applied business analytics consulting firm that integrates business, analytics, technology and behavioral change to help businesses to grow sales and improve customer satisfaction. Tornago Systems applies data mining, predictive analytics, and personalization techniques for product cross-sell, product replenishment, customer insight, and product insight.

Expertise and point-solutions can be applied and integrated into web sites, call centers, field sales applications, email, fax, postal mail, personalized postcards, and even catalog covers. We'll help you leverage the rich information found in your transaction history to present just the right product to just the right customer at just the right time. We'll help your business grow revenue, improve customer retention, and improve customer satisfaction.

Tornago Systems offers the Net Perceptions' NetP 7 product as the platform for your business analytics solution. NetP 7 is a proven, industry leading solution that powers true one-to-one customer interactions, driving product penetration and increased revenue via the web, call center, field sales, outbound e-mail, and direct mail, by delivering personalized offers to customers during each interaction. NetP 7 integrates and analyzes information about customers, products and promotional activity to generate sales and marketing intelligence, such as targeted and personalized product recommendations. NetP 7 customers include many of the world's best-known retail, manufacturing and distribution brands including:

  • 3M
  • Brylane
  • Great Universal Stores
  • JC Penney
  • J&L Industrial Supply
  • Musician's Friend
  • Half.com

Finally, we believe in integrating analytics into a "normal way of doing business" rather than a bunch of reports that get tossed on the floor. This means that we also have the expertise and experience to lead the cultural and behavioral changes necessary to implement solutions into your environment.

Contact us at: info@tornago.com

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