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Who We Are

Tornago Systems, LLC. was founded by former Net Perceptions Senior Engineers to continue the Development, Support, and Maintenance of Net Perceptions' NetP™ 7 product line. The Tornago Systems staff has over 20 years of experience working with Net Perceptions technology and related technologies in Data Analysis and Data Mining. In addition to the core staff, Tornago Systems has engaged other former Net Perceptions Engineers and Customer Solutions Specialists in order to provide the highest possible level of service to their clients.

Tornago Systems has been designated by Net Perceptions as the sole provider of Support and Maintenance for licensed NetP 7 customers. Tornago Systems is also the only licensed Reseller and Consultant for the NetP 7 product line.

Our Focus

  • NetP 7 Solution Provider - As a licensed NetP 7 Reseller, combined with their comprehensive Consulting Services, Tornago Systems is the only full service NetP 7 solutions vendor. Tornago Systems is actively engaging new NetP 7 customers as well as providing NetP 7 license upgrades and solutions for existing customers.
  • Consulting Services - Tornago Systems offers design, implementation, optimization and other consulting services related to the NetP 7 product and other related Data Analysis and Data Mining installations. Many NetP 7 customers have expressed a desire to further enhance their NetP7 deployments and Tornago Systems will assist any customer wishing to do so.
  • NetP 7 Feature Development - Tornago Systems is continuing to improve the NetP 7 product line with additional feature enhancements, bug fixes, and platform updates. Periodic update releases will be made available to licensed, supported NetP 7 customers. Tornago Systems will prioritize feature enhancements to the NetP 7 software based on customer input.
  • Support and Maintenance Extensions - As existing Net Perceptions customers’ support contracts expire, Tornago Systems will offer extensions to those contracts. Support and Maintenance extensions will be offered on flexible terms (monthly, quarterly and annually) to meet the needs of all Net Perceptions customers.

Tornago Systems is a fully licensed Developer and Reseller of the Net Perceptions NetP™ 7 Product Line.

Contact us at: info@tornago.com

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